"If It's The Lord's Will"

All to Jesus.

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put the blade down


There was something about that cold blade that seemed so appealing. Mentally, it doesn’t make sense to him. The pain was not something that he explicitly enjoyed, however the relief that would soon follow seemed so desirable. Just a little prick would take the edge off of his shoulders, and then…

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Challenge of the Week #3


I know most of you are on Tumblr instead of doing your work or studying (heh), so take a break from procrastinating to do this week’s challenge!

Go to tap.unicefusa.org/mobile on your smart phones, and click ‘Begin.’ For every 10 minutes you keep that window open (make sure that…

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God loves you. Personally. Powerfully. Passionately. Others have promised and failed. But God has promised and succeeded.
Max Lucado, ‘A Love Worth Giving’ (via ckerky)

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