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Spiritual Breathing.

Exhale. Breathe out the darkness. Cause the moment you become aware of sin in your life you exhale. When you exhale, you breathe out and repent of your sin.

Repentance becomes a natural response an clears out space in your hearts for the Spirit to full us. So the moment you are prideful, jealous, lustful, harsh, selfish, impatient, you exhale and repent of your sin. Then…

Inhale. Breathe in and pray to be filled with the Spirit. Cause in the end, the only way to be filled with the Holy Spirit is to empty yourself of you. When you empty yourself of you, it provides space for the Holy Spirit to fill you.

Learn to breathe in step with the Spirit. Live with continual awareness of the Spirit’s presence and a constant prayer to be filled with His power.

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Sin is a trap, a snare that keeps us from where we should go. It dulls our senses and hardens our hearts. Each misstep makes the next both more grievous and more likely. God’s conviction helps snap us back to our senses. His voice brings a fresh dose of reality. But He will not call forever if we persist in ignoring His words.

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